Friday, May 27

NewsForge | Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability

NewsForge | Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability



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today's screenshot. Don't you just love my sense of variety?

deviantART: repent ur sins to longcat by *NCH85

deviantART: repent ur sins to longcat by *NCH85 is the most pointless animation i've ever seen. I absolutely love it. Go look :D

chris, willy, and myself went out boating last night at ~12:30 or so, and yanno, floating around in an inflatable raft on drugs is surreal.

now I am home and my arms are sore from uh, rowing.

i am tired sleep plz

Thursday, May 26

All better!

New CVS fixes E17, now I can go back to over-stressing my CPU without having to worry about something so trivial as E17 or X crashing. As said by someone;

lexorz: booya1!!!!!1

Now I have to find more cool things to do. :cry:

Wednesday, May 25

recent E17 CVS: Buggy as hell

Yesterday's (or the day before? not sure :X) CVS for all of E17, as you have noticed is responsible for my pretty screenshot. But I guess all that comes at a cost, i.e. pre-alpha code gives you pre-alpha performance at times, lol.

I notice that if i open a menu and mouseover stuff, E17 is prone to crashing and killing X. Not that it's a real hassle, since I can just type startx again and E17 is back up in <2seconds. It has only caused irritation when I'm compiling things. Need to start doing that outside of X.

Anyway, recompiling today's CVS now, hopefully menu-browsing won't kill it. :)

Tuesday, May 24


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check out my finalized interface :D

Monday, May 23

E17 with ICE

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neat ice theme?


As of now, all of EFL has compiled successfully, not really sure why it suddenly worked though. I'm working on compiling the apps related to E17 right now. yay!


So I've been spending most of the day trying to get the latest CVS of E17 to build, and I keep getting fucked up when i get to esmart. Retrying now, after switching my prefix to /usr instead of /usr/local. We'll see how this rolls out, hopefully it'll work, if not, luckily my buddy devilhorns is on IRC right now, and he can usually help me out.

And I have arrived.

DeadJournal is gay, because I'm not dead.

So I've moved here. Yay!