Saturday, September 3

Versiony Goodness!!

Good indeed. Blue-Default 0.9 is out!

Changes include:
  • redid close, minimize, and maximize buttons
  • made the menu and window borders a bit less purple-ish
  • added the script to install the themes for all the utils
  • added loemmel's wallpaper to the archive
Grab it! bluedefault-0.9.tar.bz2


I've been getting a lot of people asking where to get evolume.

So here's a link. Stop asking! :P

Friday, September 2


Justin owns. And he talks to really awesome people.


Another user shot!

Today's shot is fresh off titansoccer15's desktop.
Looking great :)

As for updates, it's friday. I'm going to sleep tonight, but I'll try and get some work done tomorrow and sunday. :)

Thursday, September 1

Oh yeah, duh.

Jas-Nix pointed out that I should be distributing an .edj of the wallpaper. Duh.


Drop it in ~/.e/e/backgrounds :)

Wednesday, August 31

Well aren't you lucky?

loemmel made a kickass wallpaper to match my theme, grab it, use it, love it! :)

Tuesday, August 30


The demo shot. Showing the e_utils being pretty.

This is the PR material, ladies and gentlemen. :P

and this is the pretty one :) enjoy

Today's first update!

In all my haste updating yesterday, I didn't notice that Exige didn't exactly match the other e_utils. Also, After discussing it with Jas-Nix, I came to the conclusion that Entangle, E_util_eapp_edit, and Emblem were all too dark to really match my theme. So I lightened them up.

Check it out here.

There are a couple more changes too, like the window list.. I fixed it up a bit.

Everything is in the README and the TODO.


Comments are welcome!

Monday, August 29

And I'm spent.

Oooh. I made the font bigger.
Menu fonts are one size larger too, 11pt.

All-in-all I'm just mucking around with it, input is encouraged and appreciated.

Download it!

And that's it from me for today. Maybe more tomorrow. Depends, I'm gonna go look for work too.


Obligatory screenshots

After all the work today on bluedefault, it's about time I take a real screenshot :)

And here's Hawkwind's shot, too.

So many updates today!

I've updated it again! ONE minor change.

Booya! Grab it!

One thing left to fix on it though. I need to make the digital display scale with the clock itself in edit mode. That's minor though, imho. :)

And the critique on today's updates:

16:39 <> WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:39 <> That's friggin NICE!!!
16:46 <> That's kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, baby.


Even more Blue-default, to satisfy your eyes' craving for more candy!

Check it out! [Screenshot!]

Oh the excitement!

Grab it here!

That's right! A tarball! Cause it has themes for your e_utils!
Entangle, Emblem, e_util_eapp_edit, and Exige! :) Have fun!

Blue-Default 0.6!

Quick, aren't I?

Bluedefault 0.6
  • Window "icons" in the pager are now colored properly
  • Added a custom cursor. It's cute. :)
There is one known bug, and that is the digital mode on the clock is kinda screwed up. As soon as I can figure out how to fix it, 0.7 will come out. :)

A note about the custom cursor, I did not design it. It is the main pointer from Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme, found at

I highly reccomend you download and install it, for optimal cursor integration.

It can be found here:

Get it while it's hot!

Sunday, August 28


I haven't updated anything significant in a long time, figured I'd attempt to recap all of the nothing that has happened recently.

The lack of updates was due to me formatting my pc. If there's no blogger shortcut on my firefox shortcut bar, I never remember to update. The button is back now, so hopefully I'll update more.

I haven't done anything worthwhile, however. Until today, I suppose. Applied for a couple jobs, one being at Blockbuster. They seem pretty desperate for new employees, so my hopes are kinda high.

Uuum. As you see on the previous post, bluedefault 0.5 is out, i encourage everybody who wants a working clock to grab it.

On an unrelated subject, the "new" Mountain Dew Pitch Black II (Yes, apparently soda can have sequels), is just plain whack. It's last years grape crap, except now it's sour. WTF?

And I'd also like to add that Neverwinter Nights is fucking addictive as hell. Great game.

Um. That's all. Bye!

bluedefault 0.5

Bluedefault 0.5
Only one change made, and I didn't even do it. I rule. Devilhorns has fixed my default_clock.edc, and now the seconds hand / digital clock part ticks seconds properly. Thanks!