Tuesday, November 21


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Monday, November 20

Beryl-SVN gets better and better.

Anybody using Linux these days has no doubt heard of the new community-developed, OpenGL enhanced window manager, Beryl. Originally known as Compiz, it later branched off from the main Compiz tree, becoming the community version it is now. And it keeps getting better. I've been running a daily-updated version of it, built from the Subversion tree, and they add cool new stuff every day.

You may have seen this video on Digg, now it's in SVN and available to the masses. I've got a screenshot of 3D world here. We've got new animations. You can burn down windows now, too.

It's getting pretty crazy what they can do with our desktops. The only remaining question is, what's next? :)

Sunday, November 19

Anarchy Online for freedom lovers

This surely isn't new, but I just discovered it, and maybe you don't know. For a long time, people have had mixed levels of success getting Anarchy Online to run in Linux. For some people it worked great, others got it to run, but not within acceptable limits, and some had zero success.

Now, thanks to our friends over at Transgaming, it looks like the success rate can be 100%. Transgaming's flagship product, Cedega, runs AO amazingly. It has a built in configuration profiles for several games, using a database of games.

If you aren't familiar with Anarchy Online, it's a MMORPG based in the future, on a planet called Rubi-Ka. Unlike most MMO games, it's not about magic and whatnot. It's full-on sci-fi. Instead of magic spells, you have nanoprograms. Things like that. Also, a basic AO subscription is free. This includes only the basic game, not the expansion packs. But the basic game is plenty fun.

If you're a Linux user, and looking for a fun MMO, go give Transgaming some monetary support and download Cedega, and grab AO too. It's lots of fun, and if you do join, contact me, we'll meet up. :)

My characters (currently I play Fastrayray most of the time):