Thursday, January 19

Where's Devilhorns when ya need him? :P

I can't fucking theme anymore today. I just spent around two hours trying to get the config panel fully themed, and as far as i can tell, it *is*. but it's just not showing up.

fuck that shit :D
Sometimes a mild case of sleep deprivation, with a smooth layer of marijuana resin over it makes me want to write.

I've been up all night. Mostly trying to get SuSE Linux to install on my mac, with no luck. Every disc I burn doesn't validate when i verify the checksum, so I'm thinking i downloaded a bad ISO.

But that's not a huge deal, I couldn't find a PPC version of SuSE on DVD anyway. Burning 5 CDs, when I have a DVD burner seems kinda pointless.

However, I found a Fedora Core 5 Test 2 PPC DVD ISO, so I'm downloading that, hopefully it'll work out better, eh?

That download will take most of the morning and afternoon, so I need to find something else to occupy me. Nobody's really online, so I wandered around the house a couple times taking pictures. Here's a couple links.

I don't remember why my leg was bleeding..
Around 5:30am I made breakfast.
And around 6:30 I decided to shower

Andddd..... that's it. :)

Monday, January 16

Ah this client is really useful. I can just quickly paste random little shit!

Rich: you know what blows my mind
Rich: completely
Ray Miller: logorrhea
Rich: rotf
Ray Miller: I love that word
Ray Miller: cause it means exactly what it sounds like
Ray Miller: verbal diarrhea, talking too fuckin much about shit nobody cares about
Rich: haha yeah
Ray Miller: lol, ok your turn
Rich: lol
Rich: the sheer scale of things that don't exist
Rich: like if you take language as an example
Rich: the number of words that exist are fuckin astronomical
Rich: but if you sit there typing randomly all day the number of actual words you spit out is gonna be like 5 - 10% if that
Ray Miller: and if you consider how little ground our language covers, in comparison to all that there must be out there
Ray Miller: universally
Rich: yeah
Rich: like all language all put together
Ray Miller: it's like dude language is fucking inefficient as hell
Rich: that's so much shit
Ray Miller: rofl
Rich: yeah exactly my point
Ray Miller: all this shit to say so little
Rich: and if you sit there going asodg hapiugb adijfvbaeijfbg liahbvih dbvilzdvakljsdhv oaushdbvluisdvailsd vias dv asi dvsa dviasbdvoia sdvi sid v
Rich: it's unlikely you'll ever form a sentence
Ray Miller: yeah
Rich: so it's like wtf existence is just nothin
Rich: like if you look at how much space is taken up by matter
Rich: and how much isn't
Rich: it's obvious which side is more important
Ray Miller: for sure
Ray Miller: rofl
Rich: rotf
Rich: = mind blowing
***Ray Miller nods
Rich: lol
Just a little test post from an app I just installed. Seems to work pretty well. :) If I get used to this app, expect more frequent updates, since blogging is easier this way. :)


The last few days have been so interesting that I haven't really had a chance to blog about them yet!

Friday night, there was a party at Dane's for Caleb, and I guess a couple other people too. Happy birthday!

I went with Chelsea and Susan, and it was pretty fun. Intoxicating substances, and plenty of intoxicated people to converse with. Further note, dont' drink everclear. You can't mix it with anything. It's unreasonably strong, you just can't drink it. However, rum and coke you can have. Have all you want. My favorite mixed drink. <3

Juippis: kingrayray: shit! This ninja-theme si awesome!
Juippis: and fast
Juippis: fast as a ninja