Thursday, January 12

It'd be better

fuzzy woodland creature: I want to see a XNU/GNU system
fuzzy woodland creature: that would be fucking badass
_king.rayray();: rofl
_king.rayray();: what the hell is xnu
fuzzy woodland creature: OSX's kernel
_king.rayray();: oh
_king.rayray();: for sure
fuzzy woodland creature: think about it though
_king.rayray();: darwin's OSS isn't it?
fuzzy woodland creature: you could build full drivers
fuzzy woodland creature: yeah darwin's OSS, XNU's OSS
_king.rayray();: just use mac drivers...?
fuzzy woodland creature:
_king.rayray();: yeah
fuzzy woodland creature: well
fuzzy woodland creature: mac drivers probably won't support anything other than mac hardware lmfao
_king.rayray();: well I mean
fuzzy woodland creature: it seems like a neat kernel though
fuzzy woodland creature: it's built on mach
fuzzy woodland creature: so it's a microkernel with a freebsd layer
_king.rayray();: dude you know what would be better
fuzzy woodland creature: if hurd didn't suck?
fuzzy woodland creature: yeah
_king.rayray();: having your own mech
fuzzy woodland creature: that'd rock more
fuzzy woodland creature: lol
fuzzy woodland creature: like, huge robot?
_king.rayray();: yeah
_king.rayray();: madcat mkII
fuzzy woodland creature: you are so stoned
_king.rayray();: mechwarrior
_king.rayray();: I'd be like fuck computers I have a mech

Wednesday, January 11

A bit of philosophy

Not much to post about today, a bit too stoned to really construct anything interesting. However I have a fantastic quote!

Rich: so i now have an updated philosophy on getting cut
Rich: if it's not life threatening, fuck it

02:47 <@kingrayray> i'm gonna go to bed now
02:48 <@kingrayray> weed's got me sleepy
02:48 <@kingrayray> devilhorns: night dude
02:48 <@kingrayray> twisted`: cya buddy
02:48 <@kingrayray> $EVERYBODY peeeace out
02:48 <@devilhorns> night kingrayray

( and don't worry, my pc's keeping busy )

Tuesday, January 10

A typical day in the life of Rayray

... but also potentially the most boring day possible. ;)

Got up around 11:30am.. sleeping in too much due to sleeping pills. Spent the next hour reading email, checking news, smoking cigarettes, and drinking coffee. Around 12:30-1:00 the guys in #ninjapirate start bugging me to work on my latest theme some more, so I do. After spending nearly 7 hours tinkering with images and Edje code, I save my work, compile, test, and distribute. Lots of work got done today, as far as the user is concerned, everything is themed, so I am satisfied. I spend the rest of the day chatting and making a few touchups to my theme.

Around 7 or 8, Nathan came over to hang out for a bit. He left to catch the bus around 8:30, but he missed it. So he is staying the night. For the next few hours I just fucked around and talked to Nathan, blah blah. Around 10, I decided it was time to take a couple Tylenol PM, to get to sleep. I took six, generally a normal dose for me, but today it was too much. I spent 10:30-1:30 tripping out slightly, unable to sleep. Nothing too unusual.

Nathan and I discussed moving in together, with Chris and maybe Willy. Assuming we all had jobs, we could easily rent a 3-4 bedroom house, with plentyof cash left for bills and all that. Good stuff. I'm going to go apply for some jobs on Wednesday.

And here I sit, 3:15am and trying to get tired.. no luck so far though. But I did make this: A ninjapirate!

Sunday, January 8

Chill out!

This post is for all you people who completely lose your grip on reality when I am gone for a couple days. :P


So calm down. If you really get so worried about me, send me an email! :P

I spent the weekend laying on Willy's floor stoned. Good shit. By the way, if you ever have the chance, get really stoned and watch the movie "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter". While completely retarded and poorly edited/filmed, it's perhaps one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

Also, I was witness to the funniest method of waking someone up. Nathan, as usual, passed out very quickly. We had to do something about it. We started by taking some gloves, and repeatedly challenging Nathan to a duel, by slapping him. This went on for about 10 minutes, but he didn't move. Willy took the initiative here, and immediately put on a Spider Man mask, and Nathan's absurdly large jacket. Chris and I were laughing too hard to breathe, due to the absurdity of the situation. But we had no idea what was coming next. Willy told me to grab the amplifier, and suddenly it all came together.


After a few minutes of preparation, Spider-Man started to jam, with the amplifier right next to Nathan. It took him a few moments, but eventually Nathan got up, and normality returned.

The end.