Wednesday, December 14

I'm not a turkey~!

I made you guys something amazing!


ok i think i'll start updating this again..

but it won't have anything to do with my E themes and stuff. from here on out it's a personal blog :)

Monday, October 17

no updates cause i rule

I haven't been updating this because the theme I'm working on is moving along very slowly. It's available for testing, but you'll have to come pester me on IRC. ( #ninjapirate)


Tuesday, October 4

Ninjapirates wallpaper by Digital

Something all my fellow Ninjapirates out there might be interested in.

A Ninjapirates wallpaper. available in PNG and EDJ. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 29

Bluedefault fixed

With some of the recent changes in E17 CVS, all themes were broken. Do not fret, Bluedefault users! I've fixed it.

Grab it here: bluedefault-1.0.edj

Monday, September 19

Pain on the backburner

I think I'm going to put PAAAAAIIINNN (haha Drune) on the backburner. I've got another theme i started on, designed to fit the d3a icon and gtk theme, i.e. pretty! Take a look:

Saturday, September 10


So just WHAT has kingrayray been up to? Oh I'll tell you.

actually fuck that. i'll show you.

Drune calls it PAAAINNN which i guess is suitable.

So here's a preview, of PAAAINNN.

Sunday, September 4

One Point Zero Are See One

Blue Default 1.0-rc1! It's the home stretch, ladies and gentlemen!

Download it! bluedefault-1.0-rc1.tar.bz2

With this release it is very very important that I get your input.

So get on IRC and tell me what you think of it.

Saturday, September 3

Versiony Goodness!!

Good indeed. Blue-Default 0.9 is out!

Changes include:
  • redid close, minimize, and maximize buttons
  • made the menu and window borders a bit less purple-ish
  • added the script to install the themes for all the utils
  • added loemmel's wallpaper to the archive
Grab it! bluedefault-0.9.tar.bz2


I've been getting a lot of people asking where to get evolume.

So here's a link. Stop asking! :P

Friday, September 2


Justin owns. And he talks to really awesome people.


Another user shot!

Today's shot is fresh off titansoccer15's desktop.
Looking great :)

As for updates, it's friday. I'm going to sleep tonight, but I'll try and get some work done tomorrow and sunday. :)

Thursday, September 1

Oh yeah, duh.

Jas-Nix pointed out that I should be distributing an .edj of the wallpaper. Duh.


Drop it in ~/.e/e/backgrounds :)

Wednesday, August 31

Well aren't you lucky?

loemmel made a kickass wallpaper to match my theme, grab it, use it, love it! :)

Tuesday, August 30


The demo shot. Showing the e_utils being pretty.

This is the PR material, ladies and gentlemen. :P

and this is the pretty one :) enjoy

Today's first update!

In all my haste updating yesterday, I didn't notice that Exige didn't exactly match the other e_utils. Also, After discussing it with Jas-Nix, I came to the conclusion that Entangle, E_util_eapp_edit, and Emblem were all too dark to really match my theme. So I lightened them up.

Check it out here.

There are a couple more changes too, like the window list.. I fixed it up a bit.

Everything is in the README and the TODO.


Comments are welcome!

Monday, August 29

And I'm spent.

Oooh. I made the font bigger.
Menu fonts are one size larger too, 11pt.

All-in-all I'm just mucking around with it, input is encouraged and appreciated.

Download it!

And that's it from me for today. Maybe more tomorrow. Depends, I'm gonna go look for work too.


Obligatory screenshots

After all the work today on bluedefault, it's about time I take a real screenshot :)

And here's Hawkwind's shot, too.

So many updates today!

I've updated it again! ONE minor change.

Booya! Grab it!

One thing left to fix on it though. I need to make the digital display scale with the clock itself in edit mode. That's minor though, imho. :)

And the critique on today's updates:

16:39 <> WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:39 <> That's friggin NICE!!!
16:46 <> That's kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, baby.


Even more Blue-default, to satisfy your eyes' craving for more candy!

Check it out! [Screenshot!]

Oh the excitement!

Grab it here!

That's right! A tarball! Cause it has themes for your e_utils!
Entangle, Emblem, e_util_eapp_edit, and Exige! :) Have fun!

Blue-Default 0.6!

Quick, aren't I?

Bluedefault 0.6
  • Window "icons" in the pager are now colored properly
  • Added a custom cursor. It's cute. :)
There is one known bug, and that is the digital mode on the clock is kinda screwed up. As soon as I can figure out how to fix it, 0.7 will come out. :)

A note about the custom cursor, I did not design it. It is the main pointer from Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme, found at

I highly reccomend you download and install it, for optimal cursor integration.

It can be found here:

Get it while it's hot!

Sunday, August 28


I haven't updated anything significant in a long time, figured I'd attempt to recap all of the nothing that has happened recently.

The lack of updates was due to me formatting my pc. If there's no blogger shortcut on my firefox shortcut bar, I never remember to update. The button is back now, so hopefully I'll update more.

I haven't done anything worthwhile, however. Until today, I suppose. Applied for a couple jobs, one being at Blockbuster. They seem pretty desperate for new employees, so my hopes are kinda high.

Uuum. As you see on the previous post, bluedefault 0.5 is out, i encourage everybody who wants a working clock to grab it.

On an unrelated subject, the "new" Mountain Dew Pitch Black II (Yes, apparently soda can have sequels), is just plain whack. It's last years grape crap, except now it's sour. WTF?

And I'd also like to add that Neverwinter Nights is fucking addictive as hell. Great game.

Um. That's all. Bye!

bluedefault 0.5

Bluedefault 0.5
Only one change made, and I didn't even do it. I rule. Devilhorns has fixed my default_clock.edc, and now the seconds hand / digital clock part ticks seconds properly. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 10


on blue-default, i've ran into a nasty bug while trying to enlarge the digital text on the clock.. i can't for the life of me track it down, so maybe someone else could try.


it causes the clock to stop updating every second, it seems. any help would be greatly appreciated :/

Tuesday, August 9


my bluedefault theme:

full size screenshot:


  • fixed the menu, texture is displayed properly
  • made all borders light blue, instead of gray
  • fixed window list, desktopname, and error (about) dialog to display texture properly
so now i need to know what you guys want me to add/change. leave comments or get me on irc

Saturday, August 6

Wednesday, August 3

Gentoo is fun

I'm helping Nathan do a Stage1 install of Gentoo on his pc, it's taking forever, but we have caffeine and herbal time-passers to assist. Not too bad, we both have other stuff to do while it works. We just finished bootstrap about half an hour ago.. now we're emerging system.

Anyway, this is kind've funny. Check it out.

This is a lighthouse. Your call.

In E17 news, I've made yet another modification to Slate, making it a blue-ish color. Tentatively titled "Chilled Assistance." It's a play on words, the theme was inspired by Kool-Aid, but I didn't want to infringe. =P if you're interested.

Monday, July 18

I love it.


E17, i love you

Every time I update E17, there's something new. Something neat. Today, that something was the weather module. Just run enlightenment_remote -module-load weather. Then enable it via the menu, and it comes up. Pretty, right? Right click it, edit the URL. "WTF? URL?" You say? If you're in the US, just put in[zipcode]
Where [zipcode] is your zipcode, obviously. Mine is 98034. Kirkland, WA :)

And voila! I encourage all E17 users who give a damn to upgrade now :)

And that's that. I'm off to play Enemy Territory.

omg lol e17 owned

i've been working on a new e17 theme, but that info is over at

that's it. go there, look at it. download it.

Tuesday, July 12

Keine Liebe in meinem Kopf
Keine Hoffnung in meinem Kopf
Blutige Gedanken in meinem Gehirn
Ein Gef├╝hl wie Tod in meiner Seele
(04:29:27) Nathan's cell: You ass wipe you didn't rremove /home/rayray from those scripts


Monday, July 11

this is another test entry to my super awesome blog, so I can show nathan how l33t I am



Thursday, July 7

here's your screenshot :)
WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING!?!?! .. only a professional could respond to such a query. Luckily, I'm the right man for the job. *Cracks knuckles* The name's Ray. But that's King Rayray to you.

er.. yeah, had some fun last night. went on an adventure with Chelsea and Nathan, got stuck at an undisclosed location, and AAA was required to breathe life back into the vehicle. We got a jump, and promptly went to Denny's for food and coffee. Nathan is insane, by the way.

Oh, and before I forget, Chelz is awesome. And she didn't tell me to say it, I swear!

As for now, I just recompiled E17, not a whole lot new today.. but there's a new .eap theme out, called CrystalClear. Very sexy. Has the Mac appeal, without the element of gay.

And to finish off the geekiness of my morning, I just compiled Evidence. The Enlightened file manager. Compliments E17 very nicely. Of course, I had to make sure to grab the Gant theme for it from Get-E I'll be sure to post up a new screenshot soon, clouds are pretty.

And now I glance at the clock, only to find that it's 6:00am. How the fuck did it get to be 6? Oh well.

Saturday, July 2

59% :(

I am 59% Geek.
I may not be cool or good looking but I make mad dough.
Nerd, Freak, Geek, Dweeb. Sound familiar? That's okay, cause I will be the richest person at my 15th year high school reunion. If a "con" isn't happening that weekend.

GLIBC can fuck off. fuck right off i say!

I fucking hate compiling glibc! Fucking Valknut won't run because I need to update it, fine! emerge glibc, get version 2.3.5, simple enough BUT IT IS GOING TO TAKE A FUCKING MILLENIA TO COMPILE. The only downside to Gentoo, ladies and gentlemen. Compile times when you need the shit NOW. Haha.

Friday, July 1

Damnation Holocaust!

<3 Satyricon

new screenshot, look.

Wednesday, June 29


I lost everything. Total system format, and I didn't even realize I formatted my home partition. Talk about bummer. Every file I had is gone, nothing remains. I'm posting right now from the gentoo install disk, extracting the stagefile right now. Hopefully this won't take too long. What the fuck was I thinking, installing Windows, just to play GTA? *shakes head* Fuck this shit.

Thursday, June 23

I know I messed things up
by turning gold to stone.
Because of my free will
I lied about it all the way.
I need to forget,
and make this tragic feeling go away

I never heard a word,
a word of what you said.
I never heard a word,
a word of what you said.
Too busy being selfish;
I never learned the rules of life.
It's hard to confess,
and look you in the eyes.
I need you to forgive,
and make this tragic feeling go away.

I know I lost.
Please let me suffer in silence.
I've said enough.
Please help me hide from the ghosts
from my past
for a while
(04:46:27) Chris: I want to get horny caffeinated and hump trees


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
you'd think, that when you see a clan server, that the players in it would be pretty good. NO. hahaha.

Wednesday, June 22


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
Ah, my desktop, in all it's glory. E17, I adore thee.

This is uh, a test post from Gaim. Neat, huh?

Saturday, June 18

Long time no see, space cadet.

Long tie no see. Been fairly busy, not much time (or motivation) to update this.

Lots of new stuff. I wrote three shell scripts, all for E17. They all retrieve, compile, and install the software associated with them. I made one for the core EFL, one for the main E17 apps (the ones I like, at least) and one to get a few of the neat stuff that's in misc. (Engage!!)

If you want them, drop me a line. send an email to
They really do save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run, and all you have to do is change the directory they work in. One note, they should be executed as root, because they need to do make isntall.

What else? Oh, I spent a couple hours the other day trying to learn some very basic C. Needless to say, I failed for the most part. But I got brave, and edited E17's snow module. I replaced the snowflakes with raindrops, and changed the fall-speed from 30 (i think it was 30...) to 1000. It was like having a rainstorm on your desktop. It was a terrible hack, and no longer exists, but I did manage to get a screenshot. Take a look. Click the thumb for the full resolution version.


I also modified the Slate-E17 theme a bit, and it is in use in the previous screenshot. But without animation, the only noticable difference is my version being darker. The actual changes are things like having window-titles and menu selections shine RED instead of WHITE. It looks pretty cool.

Aside from that, I've just been doin my geek thang. :P

And you're up to date! yay!

Thursday, June 9


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
today's screenshot, e17 default theme, betsy's IM, and Gtk2MP- the frontend i mentioned in my previous post :)

Wednesday, June 8


XMMS has lived a full life. Anybody who's used Linux (should) know XMMS. You know, the audio player (video too, with plugins) that looks, feels, and acts a whole lot like Winamp. For a long time, XMMS was the standard, every Linux screenshot had XMMS in it.

Times have changed. XMMS is, as far as I care, deprecated. Deprecated beyond resurrection. Sure, it still serves it's purpose. But anybody who uses XMMS will (should) tell you, that despite how long it's been around, it's still buggy as hell, and has a ton of problems.

Example A:

XMMS demonstrating it's ability to tell you that songs are weeks, months, or even years long.
This alone is enough reason to seek an alternative to XMMS. When I went looking, I found that XMMS2 is in development. Unfortunately it's painfully difficult to acquire the source, and compile it. Needless to say, it was a no-go.. at least until it's a bit simpler.

So I used amaroK for a while. The KDE audio player. I hate KDE, but amaroK is great, it downloads your CD covers from, reccomends songs based on what you listen to, and can even relay the information to your audioscrobbler profile. However. It's fairly resource intensive, and can be a real pain to set up. After I formatted, and reinstalled Gentoo (Stage 1), I've been completely unable to get amaroK to play anything. So that's trash, until someone feels like helping me out there.

So I've tried amaroK, Rhythmbox, Beep media player, and came to a rest with MPD. Media Player Daemon is a really awesome idea, and it's similar to how XMMS2 will/does work. A daemon runs in the background, with a database of all your songs, and plays them on request. There is no interface to MPD, however there are several frontends available in Portage. Naturally, I emerged them all. My personal preference is Gtk2MP, because it has a decent interface for managing your songs and playlists. While not nearly as polished as that of amaroK, it works just fine. And it uses next to zero CPU. The neat thing about having your music managed by a daemon, is that even though you use a frontend to access and control it, you can just close said frontend, without interrupting anything, or disrupting your playlist.

So what am I trying to say? I'll sum it up- assuming you're a Gentoo user.

  1. emerge -C xmms
  2. emerge -av mpd
  3. nano /etc/mpd.conf (to your liking)
  4. emerge -av gtk2mp
  5. ???
  6. Profit!


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
A side by side comparison of E16 to E17. Intended to illustrate the similarities and differences between old Enlightenment, and the new, using the Winter theme for both.

Tuesday, June 7

Today's E17 shot.

Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
Uh, same shit- different wallpaper. And uh, that isn't Winamp, just XMMS using a Winamp skin. :)

Status update: euclid

My computer is really badass, I'd like to point that out first. Topping out at a whopping (ha) 1.54ghz, with a massive 256mb of ram.

Anyway, after getting over the loss of my old PC to a Windows zealot, I have decided that I no longer need to reserve the name "euclid" for that pc, and have in turn, changed my system's hostname from overlord, to euclid.

To continue, I've been using Gnome 2.10 for a few days out of boredom, and while it's certainly pretty nice, apparently the only way to edit the apps menu is with a 3rd party menu editor, that I can't even get to work. Go figure. I don't even know why I bothered using Gnome, to be honest. Seriously. I have Enlightenment DR 0.17! What the hell was I thinking?

So back to E17 it is. I've been keeping it updated during my Gnome usage, despite not using E17. So minutes ago, I finally went back to E17, and decided that the next feature I needed was a "run application" function, so I don't have to whip out a terminal every time I want to run an app that I don't have an .eapp for. Right before I went to make the suggestion in #e, I left-clicked my desktop, to bring up the menu- only to find.. what's this? They beat me to it! There's a run command function now. Yay for the E17 devs!

Next on my agenda? I need to find some ridiculous set of icons to make .eapps for! I already did it with Umicons2 (found it on DeviantART). I don't have permission to distribute them though, maybe I'll ask the author sometime.

If anybody knows of any huge packs of icons (free!!) that I can tinker with, leave a comment! :)

Tuesday, May 31


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
i made some changes, that's why the previous one is unavailable :D

Monday, May 30


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
fresh e17 after a nice stage 1 gentoo install

Sunday, May 29


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
Just something I whipped up in the GIMP :)

Friday, May 27

NewsForge | Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability

NewsForge | Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability



Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
today's screenshot. Don't you just love my sense of variety?

deviantART: repent ur sins to longcat by *NCH85

deviantART: repent ur sins to longcat by *NCH85 is the most pointless animation i've ever seen. I absolutely love it. Go look :D

chris, willy, and myself went out boating last night at ~12:30 or so, and yanno, floating around in an inflatable raft on drugs is surreal.

now I am home and my arms are sore from uh, rowing.

i am tired sleep plz

Thursday, May 26

All better!

New CVS fixes E17, now I can go back to over-stressing my CPU without having to worry about something so trivial as E17 or X crashing. As said by someone;

lexorz: booya1!!!!!1

Now I have to find more cool things to do. :cry:

Wednesday, May 25

recent E17 CVS: Buggy as hell

Yesterday's (or the day before? not sure :X) CVS for all of E17, as you have noticed is responsible for my pretty screenshot. But I guess all that comes at a cost, i.e. pre-alpha code gives you pre-alpha performance at times, lol.

I notice that if i open a menu and mouseover stuff, E17 is prone to crashing and killing X. Not that it's a real hassle, since I can just type startx again and E17 is back up in <2seconds. It has only caused irritation when I'm compiling things. Need to start doing that outside of X.

Anyway, recompiling today's CVS now, hopefully menu-browsing won't kill it. :)

Tuesday, May 24


Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
check out my finalized interface :D

Monday, May 23

E17 with ICE

Originally uploaded by kingrayray.
neat ice theme?


As of now, all of EFL has compiled successfully, not really sure why it suddenly worked though. I'm working on compiling the apps related to E17 right now. yay!


So I've been spending most of the day trying to get the latest CVS of E17 to build, and I keep getting fucked up when i get to esmart. Retrying now, after switching my prefix to /usr instead of /usr/local. We'll see how this rolls out, hopefully it'll work, if not, luckily my buddy devilhorns is on IRC right now, and he can usually help me out.

And I have arrived.

DeadJournal is gay, because I'm not dead.

So I've moved here. Yay!