Monday, February 27

I love Enlightenment

I just felt that I should blog this, cause it makes me feel awesome.

I can't code. I can edit edje, but I can't write anything. So when I was given the opportunity to help devilhorns out with some images for a couple E17 modules, I took it. :) So far, I've contributed images for the mem and cpu modules, and I am working on an image for the wifi one, too. :)

Log Message:
Fix graph drawing over text. Thanks to kingrayray for his graphical
assistance again :) . Text in the center of the image has been removed.

Thanks for letting me help how I can, chris! :)

On an unrelated note, I whipped up a stupid-ass website, as a portal to all the crap I do. now has some links and shit on it. Enjoy! :)


caught this in #edevelop, hope they dont' mind being quoted ! hehehe

[wtfoo] fork your woman!
[wtfoo] (;
[@raster] wtfoo: that would mean having children
[onefang] They take a heck of a long time to compile.
[@raster] hahah
[wtfoo] lol
[@raster] also kill() has a few nasty consequences
[onefang] lol
[wtfoo] ^^
[@raster] like being sent toa chroot jail
[@raster] :)

Sunday, February 26

I'm not a ricer anymore. I got stoned and decided to download/install Mandriva 2006, the free version. So far, so good. I'm liking it. I don't have to configure *everything* by hand, unless i want to. So i'm going to try and stick with this for a while.

On a related note, my new video card will be here tomorrow or tuesday, nvidia geforce 6200, a huge improvement over my radeon 9000 :)

uuum... oh i am finalizing work on the ninjapirate e17 theme, and i am tired. sleep now, byebye.