Tuesday, January 1


don't mind the spelling. I'm posting from my phone and I'm lazy. anyway, I've been posting short tidbits of my life over on youtube. feel free to check them out. http://youtube.com/pwnzrfaust

Wednesday, September 5


Rayray: I hate getting caught up
Rayray: fixing their shit
Rayray: every day
Rayray: I was like
Chris: yealol
Rayray: ok your WHOLE PROBLEM IS MSN
Rayray: so I destroyed the fuck out of it
Rayray: and just set up hotmail with iexplore
Rayray: and problem COMPLETELY SOLVED
Rayray: now I have to explain to them that they don't need to pay for msn
Rayray: to use msn
Chris: yea dude wtf !
Rayray: my gpa is paying like $6 a month for msn
Rayray: the whole msn + verizon deal
Rayray: but
Rayray: I don't even know what the hell that gives you
Rayray: live.com ???
Chris: i know heh
Rayray: sorry a little agitated because my gpa kept trying to argue with me
Rayray: it got to the point where I was just like
Rayray: "I know what I'm talking about stop arguinggg"
Chris: yea lol
Chris: "but why would they offer it for 6$ if it was free, it's not like their a multi-national corporation hellbent on ripping me off or something!?"
Rayray: yea
Rayray: my gpa hasn't come to understand that msn is NO LONGER AN ISP
Rayray: because he's been payin for MSN internet for years
Chris: i can't imagine doing something as silly as that
Rayray: lmao I know
Rayray: I was like
Rayray: "don't let rob talk you into microsoft crap! LOOK AT ALL THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE"
Rayray: "fuck!! JUST USE GOOGLE"
Rayray: I even busted out my google shit
Rayray: and showed em how easy it is
Chris: srsly i set 'em up with google stocks and it was exactly what they needed but they took it off
Rayray: because it wasn't msn
Chris: yea
Rayray: like
Chris: msn doesn't offer that for free tho
Chris: so it's like wtf
Rayray: I get SO OFFENDED
Chris: lmao
Rayray: im like FUCK
Chris: haahahahahah
Rayray: srsly I can't handle it sometimes
Chris: damn
Rayray: but
Rayray: FUCK!!!!
Rayray: that was like an hour
Rayray: of navigating msn's hiearchy of bullshit flows
Rayray: god
Rayray: sorry
Rayray: I really had(have) to vent
Rayray: because that sucked
Rayray: how do hotmail users deal with that shit?!?!?!
Rayray: like, just to figure it out I opened a hotmail acct
Chris: damn
Chris: sounds like you had a lot of fun
Chris: -jealous-
Rayray: if by fun
Rayray: you mean I HAVE TO SHIT
Rayray: then yes I did.
Chris: LOL fuck metamucil, get microsoft

Saturday, June 16

lol :)

[17:08] rayray: OMG i love hilarious spam email
[17:09] Sammi: oooo did you find a funny one?
[17:09] rayray: Blister on your dick after different enlarging procedures might be possible, but Penis Enlarge Patch is a vague exception.http://www.tekon.hk/?rwjudfxlsWith Penis Enlarge Patch you can scratch your ankles with your penis.
[17:09] rayray: lmfao
[17:09] Sammi: LOL
[17:09] Sammi: omg
[17:09] Sammi: why would you want to scratch your ankle with your penis?!
[17:09] Sammi: what would be wrong with your hand?
[17:09] rayray: maybe you are a juggler and your hands are busy
[17:09] Sammi: why not use your toes?
[17:10] rayray: i'd probably off myself if i was capable of such a feat
[17:10] rayray: cuz you will NEVER GET LAID if you can KILL SOMEONE with your penis[17:10] rayray: "oops!"
[17:10] Sammi: i know seriously!
[17:11] rayray: like seriously you could use it to tarzan around the jungle and that's just inhuman
[17:13] rayray: wow that was quite the uh
[17:13] rayray: way i phrased that huh
[17:15] Sammi: very visual...very visual
[17:15] rayray: yeah
[17:15] rayray: i'll never shake that one
[17:15] rayray: lol
[17:15] Sammi: lol we will think of it for years to come and be afraid...very very afraid
[17:16] rayray: we will shelter ourselves in fear of the elusive tarzan wang
[17:16] rayray: i'm just gonna stop now lol

Wednesday, March 14

fuck it!

I decided I was tired of waiting for a Wii so i bought one of those new tiny PS2's :O with $300 you can get a lot of ps2 stuff. managed to get the extra controller, mem card, and like 7 games :D. I got Killzone, Tribes: aerial assault, all three modern GTA games (i had to :D), God of War, and Mortal Kombat Armageddon (premium edition omg). Killzone, Tribes, and Mortal Kombat are all online enabled so if anybody wants to play, drop me a line (even though i prolly suck :D)

yay! btw kandy is the best i <3 her

Tuesday, December 26


So it's been a while since my last post. I blame the lack of Internet access at home. (Should be back soon)

Biggest event of the time-period was the extreme windstorm that hit Washington and Oregon, power was out at my place for almost five days. And a nerd like me, well it was hell sitting around in the dark for most of a week, no matter how cool fire is.

Also, I finally bought a new Gamecube, so I've been able to dive back into Resident Evil Zero, so far so good.

Finally, in the time I've spent at a friend's house, I've managed to start a couple new characters on Anarchy Online. I don't have a lot of time to play, but if you, for some reason, keep track of it, my new characters are:
Umm.. yeah I'll be sure to get back to my regular posting cycle once my net is restored to functionality.

Don't miss me too much!

Tuesday, November 28

Online OS, latest screenshot.

I don't really recall how I stumbled across eyeOS, but it's really cool. You can make an account on their site, or download it to use on your own. I spent a few minutes playing with it on their page when I realized, "Hey, I have webspace!" and proceeded to install it at my wallooza page. You don't have to toy around with a database, it "just works". Download the tarball, extract it, upload to your site. Voila! I can see it being really useful for doing basic tasks when I'm not at my home pc. There are lots of apps you can install on it, available at eyeapps.org. Everything from games, to Meebo. Pretty cool stuff. Try it out! :)

Lastly I thought I'd show off my latest screenshot.

Tuesday, November 21


twisted: FUCKIN HELL
twisted: :@
twisted: maaan
twisted: some geek stole my milf