Wednesday, September 5


Rayray: I hate getting caught up
Rayray: fixing their shit
Rayray: every day
Rayray: I was like
Chris: yealol
Rayray: ok your WHOLE PROBLEM IS MSN
Rayray: so I destroyed the fuck out of it
Rayray: and just set up hotmail with iexplore
Rayray: and problem COMPLETELY SOLVED
Rayray: now I have to explain to them that they don't need to pay for msn
Rayray: to use msn
Chris: yea dude wtf !
Rayray: my gpa is paying like $6 a month for msn
Rayray: the whole msn + verizon deal
Rayray: but
Rayray: I don't even know what the hell that gives you
Rayray: ???
Chris: i know heh
Rayray: sorry a little agitated because my gpa kept trying to argue with me
Rayray: it got to the point where I was just like
Rayray: "I know what I'm talking about stop arguinggg"
Chris: yea lol
Chris: "but why would they offer it for 6$ if it was free, it's not like their a multi-national corporation hellbent on ripping me off or something!?"
Rayray: yea
Rayray: my gpa hasn't come to understand that msn is NO LONGER AN ISP
Rayray: because he's been payin for MSN internet for years
Chris: i can't imagine doing something as silly as that
Rayray: lmao I know
Rayray: I was like
Rayray: "don't let rob talk you into microsoft crap! LOOK AT ALL THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE"
Rayray: "fuck!! JUST USE GOOGLE"
Rayray: I even busted out my google shit
Rayray: and showed em how easy it is
Chris: srsly i set 'em up with google stocks and it was exactly what they needed but they took it off
Rayray: because it wasn't msn
Chris: yea
Rayray: like
Chris: msn doesn't offer that for free tho
Chris: so it's like wtf
Rayray: I get SO OFFENDED
Chris: lmao
Rayray: im like FUCK
Chris: haahahahahah
Rayray: srsly I can't handle it sometimes
Chris: damn
Rayray: but
Rayray: FUCK!!!!
Rayray: that was like an hour
Rayray: of navigating msn's hiearchy of bullshit flows
Rayray: god
Rayray: sorry
Rayray: I really had(have) to vent
Rayray: because that sucked
Rayray: how do hotmail users deal with that shit?!?!?!
Rayray: like, just to figure it out I opened a hotmail acct
Chris: damn
Chris: sounds like you had a lot of fun
Chris: -jealous-
Rayray: if by fun
Rayray: you mean I HAVE TO SHIT
Rayray: then yes I did.
Chris: LOL fuck metamucil, get microsoft

Saturday, June 16

lol :)

[17:08] rayray: OMG i love hilarious spam email
[17:09] Sammi: oooo did you find a funny one?
[17:09] rayray: Blister on your dick after different enlarging procedures might be possible, but Penis Enlarge Patch is a vague exception. Penis Enlarge Patch you can scratch your ankles with your penis.
[17:09] rayray: lmfao
[17:09] Sammi: LOL
[17:09] Sammi: omg
[17:09] Sammi: why would you want to scratch your ankle with your penis?!
[17:09] Sammi: what would be wrong with your hand?
[17:09] rayray: maybe you are a juggler and your hands are busy
[17:09] Sammi: why not use your toes?
[17:10] rayray: i'd probably off myself if i was capable of such a feat
[17:10] rayray: cuz you will NEVER GET LAID if you can KILL SOMEONE with your penis[17:10] rayray: "oops!"
[17:10] Sammi: i know seriously!
[17:11] rayray: like seriously you could use it to tarzan around the jungle and that's just inhuman
[17:13] rayray: wow that was quite the uh
[17:13] rayray: way i phrased that huh
[17:15] Sammi: very visual...very visual
[17:15] rayray: yeah
[17:15] rayray: i'll never shake that one
[17:15] rayray: lol
[17:15] Sammi: lol we will think of it for years to come and be afraid...very very afraid
[17:16] rayray: we will shelter ourselves in fear of the elusive tarzan wang
[17:16] rayray: i'm just gonna stop now lol

Wednesday, March 14

fuck it!

I decided I was tired of waiting for a Wii so i bought one of those new tiny PS2's :O with $300 you can get a lot of ps2 stuff. managed to get the extra controller, mem card, and like 7 games :D. I got Killzone, Tribes: aerial assault, all three modern GTA games (i had to :D), God of War, and Mortal Kombat Armageddon (premium edition omg). Killzone, Tribes, and Mortal Kombat are all online enabled so if anybody wants to play, drop me a line (even though i prolly suck :D)

yay! btw kandy is the best i <3 her