Tuesday, December 26


So it's been a while since my last post. I blame the lack of Internet access at home. (Should be back soon)

Biggest event of the time-period was the extreme windstorm that hit Washington and Oregon, power was out at my place for almost five days. And a nerd like me, well it was hell sitting around in the dark for most of a week, no matter how cool fire is.

Also, I finally bought a new Gamecube, so I've been able to dive back into Resident Evil Zero, so far so good.

Finally, in the time I've spent at a friend's house, I've managed to start a couple new characters on Anarchy Online. I don't have a lot of time to play, but if you, for some reason, keep track of it, my new characters are:
Umm.. yeah I'll be sure to get back to my regular posting cycle once my net is restored to functionality.

Don't miss me too much!

Tuesday, November 28

Online OS, latest screenshot.

I don't really recall how I stumbled across eyeOS, but it's really cool. You can make an account on their site, or download it to use on your own. I spent a few minutes playing with it on their page when I realized, "Hey, I have webspace!" and proceeded to install it at my wallooza page. You don't have to toy around with a database, it "just works". Download the tarball, extract it, upload to your site. Voila! I can see it being really useful for doing basic tasks when I'm not at my home pc. There are lots of apps you can install on it, available at eyeapps.org. Everything from games, to Meebo. Pretty cool stuff. Try it out! :)

Lastly I thought I'd show off my latest screenshot.

Tuesday, November 21


twisted: FUCKIN HELL
twisted: :@
twisted: maaan
twisted: some geek stole my milf

Monday, November 20

Beryl-SVN gets better and better.

Anybody using Linux these days has no doubt heard of the new community-developed, OpenGL enhanced window manager, Beryl. Originally known as Compiz, it later branched off from the main Compiz tree, becoming the community version it is now. And it keeps getting better. I've been running a daily-updated version of it, built from the Subversion tree, and they add cool new stuff every day.

You may have seen this video on Digg, now it's in SVN and available to the masses. I've got a screenshot of 3D world here. We've got new animations. You can burn down windows now, too.

It's getting pretty crazy what they can do with our desktops. The only remaining question is, what's next? :)

Sunday, November 19

Anarchy Online for freedom lovers

This surely isn't new, but I just discovered it, and maybe you don't know. For a long time, people have had mixed levels of success getting Anarchy Online to run in Linux. For some people it worked great, others got it to run, but not within acceptable limits, and some had zero success.

Now, thanks to our friends over at Transgaming, it looks like the success rate can be 100%. Transgaming's flagship product, Cedega, runs AO amazingly. It has a built in configuration profiles for several games, using a database of games.

If you aren't familiar with Anarchy Online, it's a MMORPG based in the future, on a planet called Rubi-Ka. Unlike most MMO games, it's not about magic and whatnot. It's full-on sci-fi. Instead of magic spells, you have nanoprograms. Things like that. Also, a basic AO subscription is free. This includes only the basic game, not the expansion packs. But the basic game is plenty fun.

If you're a Linux user, and looking for a fun MMO, go give Transgaming some monetary support and download Cedega, and grab AO too. It's lots of fun, and if you do join, contact me, we'll meet up. :)

My characters (currently I play Fastrayray most of the time):

Friday, November 17


Good god, I must be bored. I just spent the better part of an hour going through every post in my blog and tagging each post as appropriate. This involves loading a week's worth of posts at a time, and opening the edit-pages for them in tabs, tagging each one, closing all the extra tabs, and loading the next week of posts. lather, rinse, repeat.

On another note, I thought i'd comment on the size of Fox Mulder's balls. I've had many-a discussion about this topic, and most people seem to agree. Fox Mulder has bigger balls than anybody on earth. Even Maddox. (oh I went there.) He's not afraid of ANYTHING. Who do you know that is capable of just walking into any situation headfirst, showing little to no signs of fear? Not even a second-guess!

Hahaha. Mulder pwns.

Good god.

You may have seen my little "Boycott Novell!" spiel on my Myspace page. Now, I thought this whole Microsoft/Novell thing was bogus in the first place, but now it's just getting out of hand. Steve Ballmer recently said some things about the Microsoft/Novell deal that bother me quite a bit. Particularly the constant lies.

And if you aren't aware, Ballmer's insane. Do you really trust what he says about Linux and patent infrigement against Microsoft?

All I can do is shake my head in shame. Microsoft's declaring war on Linux; a legal war. All we can do is stand our ground, I suppose. Keep your heads up!

New layout!

I actually made a layout! Well, it's based on the xml from the Lighthouse template, but I'm slowly reworking it into my own. So far, just changed some graphics and color. But I like it; very simple, and it has a picture of God on it. :)

(flame on, fuckers!)

Thursday, November 16


(2006-11-16 23:31:41) twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: damn I just felt like a bitch with a load-full in her mouth
(2006-11-16 23:31:47) twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: awesome
(2006-11-16 23:31:48) kingrayray: wtf
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: well
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: u know when u like snort back the snot in ur mouth right? instead of blowing ur nose?
kingrayray: yeah lol
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: it goes in ur throat
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: but I coughed
kingrayray: lmfao
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: so it slammed all into my mouth
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: but it was a fuckin lot
twisted [Once my wounds have healed, remind me to hurt you Pinky]: so I almost choked

Saturday, October 28

An epic story I got in my email today...

Yet, Ganesha was the elder by far and possessed of powers far more fearsome-those of the White Naacals. Despite the heat, Quintus shuddered. The Naacals' power harnessed the virtue of the sun: Misused by the Black, such power had cracked the land through which they now struggled and a great sea had vanished into the depths.Draupadi gazed out over the sand.Once more he heard hissing, this time in front of them. If they turned to flee, he would wager all that the serpents' hiss would sound again.At that moment, the desert floor looked as comfortable as a silken rug-to sink down upon it, to sink into it as into a bath of deep water.... He jolted himself back to full awareness. Then he knelt and thrust his hand down into the grit. Rock, dust, powder, sand-not water at all:Arrows whined and buzzed like some ferocious beehive, struck with a spear in midsummer. A man screamed and died, blood running from his mouth. Drona, teacher to warriors and princes, had died thus, Quintus thought-or was it Arjuna, speaking into his memories?Draupadi nodded. "Let this sign of yours, this weapon, blast me if I lie." She reached out and laid a hand on the staff that upheld the Eagle."We ride!" he ordered. He didn't see who came up to lead-or carry-him to his horse because his eyes were fixed on Lucilius. Once again, the patrician had started toward the Eagle."We ride!" he ordered. He didn't see who came up to lead-or carry-him to his horse because his eyes were fixed on Lucilius. Once again, the patrician had started toward the Eagle."We ride!" he ordered. He didn't see who came up to lead-or carry-him to his horse because his eyes were fixed on Lucilius. Once again, the patrician had started toward the Eagle.

Sunday, October 8

in all seriousness..

hell i don't even know if you read this, but just in case:

just cause i miss it, doesn't mean i want it back.


I find myself deleting posts too often.

If you come here and there's some ridiculous emotionally fueled rant, disregard it. I always regret writing them ;)

Thursday, October 5


I'M OKAY <3 :B

Saturday, September 2


|13:36| <+Phoul> ima try out slackware >.>

|13:36| <@kingrayray> cool

|13:36| <+Phoul> And you dont need to kick me in the chest ^_^

|13:36| <+Phoul> Because im not removing ubuntu :D:D

|13:36| <@kingrayray> you sure?

|13:36| <@kingrayray> i'm available for a good chest-kicking today

|13:36| <+Phoul> Well you can if you want too i guess...

|13:36| <+Phoul> *hides*

Wednesday, August 30

Compiz themes online!


hehe, I've been toying with a theme for Compiz. The idea came when I found this GTK theme, DigitalDark.

So, vote for it, leave comments! Ray has entered the compiz arena =)

Monday, August 28

compiz effing pwns

check it out.

Cool huh? =)


Chris T.: do you know anyone with the screen name "UAHA 103"

Rayray: no

Rayray: rofl

Chris T.: hm I got back home and checked my messages, they sent me a link to some goatse-esque thing

Chris T.: fuckers

Rayray: lmfao

Rayray: goatse-esque

Rayray: that's the term of the week

Chris T.: well it was not goatse, but it was someone else doing the same thing and it was equally disgusting

Rayray: I gathered as much

Chris T.: correct

Thursday, August 10

omg im 20

^^^ yay

Wednesday, August 9


latest desktop

check it out..

(click to enlarge)

also, check out my whole cube

look what compiz can do!

check it out, compiz can blur now.. :)

Monday, August 7

enlightenment, and no i'm not talking about the window manager

i've been quite a mess lately. for the last week or two, i've been completely focused on somehow running away from here. from kirkland, from washington entirely. i'd intended to somehow make it work with no money, i didn't care.

but last night someone awfully special helped me to realize that sometimes, you have to put your personal issues aside, especially when your future is at stake.

i just thought i'd put up a nice public thank you. you know who you are, and i love you :-)

i'm not going to go look for work, not now at least. I've been up all night taking practice tests, and studying for my GED. I really want to try and take it within the next two weeks, but that is kind've an unreasonable timeframe. but i plan on spending a large majority of my awake-time studying, practicing, and refreshing my memory of all the things i learned back in school. i think if i pull this off, i can do anything, it just takes a little motivation. and what better way to motivate, than to accomplish your primary goal of the last several years?

I think I've found myself, and now I'm going to open the door to my future. :-)

Sunday, July 16

Thursday, July 13

Saturday, July 8

ninjapirates unite

[12:20] [twisted`] I devoted my life being a ninjapirate

[12:20] [twisted`] ohyeah

[12:20] [twisted`] this local group sprayed my scouting building

[12:20] [twisted`] I wanted to take revenge

[12:21] [religion] have fun

[12:21] * twisted` calls upon kingrayray ritalin devilhorns surtsey JoelTehTroll

[12:21] [twisted`] ninjapirates unite!

[12:21] [twisted`] none for none and all for none!

[12:21] [religion] k

[12:22] * twisted` busts out teh black suit

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] wtf...

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] okay, one condition.

[12:23] [twisted`] yeah

[12:23] [twisted`] they'll be shocked man

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] my spandex suit /must/ have rhinestones.

[12:23] [twisted`] big fuckin geeks

[12:23] [twisted`] flyin round like ninja's

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] and shooting lasers.

[12:23] [twisted`] rhinestones? wtf is that

[12:23] [religion] www.google.com

[12:24] [twisted`] http://www.burkhartstudios.com/burkhart/photos/young%20lust/rhinestones.jpg

[12:24] [twisted`] ?

[12:25] [JoelTehTroll] uh... no

[12:25] [twisted`] that's what it found

[12:25] [twisted`] second hit

[12:25] [twisted`] :)

[12:27] [JoelTehTroll] it's like those jewels that are sometimes embedded into clothing

[12:27] [JoelTehTroll] http://www.thetransferpress.co.uk/images/rhinestone/passion-fp.jpg

[12:28] [JoelTehTroll] like on that shirt

[12:30] [JoelTehTroll] so I want my spandex ninjapirate uniform to be covered in colorful rhinestones

[12:30] [religion] cool

[12:31] [JoelTehTroll] yeah man

[12:31] [JoelTehTroll] I have excelllent flair for fashion

[12:31] [twisted`] rofl

[12:32] [religion] i like poop

[12:32] [twisted`] and we'll play Tchaikovsky in the background

[12:32] [twisted`] like V for Vendetta

Thursday, July 6

eye are see

[04:03] [kingrayray] i have this "relaxation" mp3 that is like, rainforest sounds
[04:03] [kingrayray] animals and shit
[04:03] [kingrayray] but like, if i was in the rainforest
[04:03] [kingrayray] i couldn't relax
[04:03] [kingrayray] something would eat me

killing time, can't sleep yet. i did find another "relaxation" mp3 that is more calming, ocean sounds and those weird drums that jamaican people play. or something. i've got my GNOME setup in Ubuntu all pretty though. screenshot is here.

on an even nerdier note, i've been finding myself quite prosperous on EVE. i went off and joined an antipirate corp and have been learning the ins and outs of PVP combat, and taken down quite a few pirates while doing so. i've got a ton of screenshots from EVE that i update pretty much daily, feel free to check it out.

ohhh. i got a job too. i work at domino's pizza! WOO! hahaha. now i have to learn how to toss a pizza crust and shit apparently. bleh. work in 11 hours, 47 minutes. going to try and sleep now.

Wednesday, June 14


okay long story short.

mom kicked me out, because shes crazy when she is drunk. now i am living with chris and jon, and its pretty kewl. need to get a job to pay rent, working on that. only been here a couple days and i am already feeling sooo great. chelz is back from school and i still haven't seen her :( she doesn't remember how to get here so i have to figure that out. bah!

ummm, yea today i got an app at fred meyer, but i don't really think that's where i want to work; cause my dad works there and that'd be kinda awkward. probably going to work at some close-by place, dunno

um.. its late and i have shit to do so i'm done for now >_>

Monday, May 29


So today, Google released Picasa for Linux. It's the Windows version, running (built?) against wine libs. It works great! Even the "Blog this!" function works without a hitch, as you can tell by my last two posts. Thanks, Google, and I can't wait to see Google Earth for Linux too. :)

Today I converted an Xbox controller to USB, simple wire-splicing, easy enough. Been playing games on it all night! :D

Today generally owns. That's all I have to say. :)
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lol it's my brother :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 8

ooooh dear

today was quiet, and mostly uneventful. more of a "w00t" than a "dam" though.

i recently broke my chair. my super awesome rocking leather chair with a high back, a swivel, and wheels. it broke. because the back of the chair is supported by the arms, i had to remove everything but the seat part. the good news is, it looks like if i use enough duct tape, it'll be fine. :)

on another note, i finally updated E17, and although the new shelf is really cool, i have for-sure decided to not really use it until it nears release. for a few reasons, mainly that i hate the default theme. i /could/ make another theme, but that is more work than i care to do. I can just use gnome, it is already pretty, and plenty functional.

i really need to come up with a rather extensive rant about something i dislike. i'm thinking... distro-wars perhaps, comments welcome.

the most common inspiration to write in this is when i am performing a lengthy compile and have nothing else to do. aim's kinda dead, and i'm tiiiired. should sleep, really want to, probably won't for a while.

Saturday, May 6

Fuck allergies!

AAAAGHHH. *points at subject* Fuck allergies! I didn't even know I /had/ allergies until about two weeks ago, and it SUCKS. ... that's it.

Wednesday, May 3

Counting sheep.

Short post today. I was just trying to sleep, and I typically resort to meditation and similar things to clear my mind. It never works very well, but it helps sometimes.

But tonight, I was trying to count sheep. You know, sheep hops over the fence, then the next, etc. Simple! But you see, every time I have ever tried this, I can't control the sheep. Several will jump over, or they'll start jumping too fast to count! This is really strange, and almost scary, because it is like I can't control my own mind.

It just makes me wonder if it is a hint at some weird deep-rooted psychological issue, or just something strange about me.

Interesting, though!

Tuesday, May 2


the last few days, i've felt that i really should be writing in this blog more, however the last few days have been so uneventful that there is nothing to write about.

i mean i've been doing stuff. i worked a bunch on the Ninjapirate Wiki but I am probably the only person who sees that site as worth anything. Nobody else really seems to give a damn.

aside from that, mostly just the usual. playing with linux. lots of eye candy, check out the latest shots here if you care.

lately i've been reeeally struggling to come up with motivation to do the things that are actually important. things like getting my GED, getting a job, maybe even a life. i am completely sick and tired of sitting here being a nerd all the time. i don't know what my problem is, but i really need to get my shit together. looking at the last few years, i am a pathetic excuse for a person. not saying it to down on myself, but if i saw someone else in my situation, that's probably how i'd think of them. so i can be judgemental, sue me.

don't get me wrong, i take a lot of pride in the geeky things i do. i am extremely proud of my accomplishments in the linux world, however insignificant they may be. that's not going to change, i just need to start a new chapter in the story of rayray. only problem is i can't seem to get the fucking page to turn, heh.

i have "goals" but not really much of a path to get there. what do i want to do? i want to be a *nix systems administrator. its the kinda thing i'd be good at, and probably have fun doing. but getting there is going to be a lot of work, and i don't really know if i have what it takes to do it.

i can't help but think "what if i just end up in some dead end job, and the computer stuff stays as it is; a hobby?" people are always supportive though, but for some reason it doesn't seem to make a difference if other people believe in me or not. i like to think i believe in myself, but i'm starting to think that i don't; but tell myself i do. kind've a paradox there, i guess.

rant rant rant. months of silence and suddenly this huge personal outburst. i feel kinda better now though.


Monday, February 27

I love Enlightenment

I just felt that I should blog this, cause it makes me feel awesome.

I can't code. I can edit edje, but I can't write anything. So when I was given the opportunity to help devilhorns out with some images for a couple E17 modules, I took it. :) So far, I've contributed images for the mem and cpu modules, and I am working on an image for the wifi one, too. :)

Log Message:
Fix graph drawing over text. Thanks to kingrayray for his graphical
assistance again :) . Text in the center of the image has been removed.

Thanks for letting me help how I can, chris! :)

On an unrelated note, I whipped up a stupid-ass website, as a portal to all the crap I do. kingrayray.wallooza.org now has some links and shit on it. Enjoy! :)


caught this in #edevelop, hope they dont' mind being quoted ! hehehe

[wtfoo] fork your woman!
[wtfoo] (;
[@raster] wtfoo: that would mean having children
[onefang] They take a heck of a long time to compile.
[@raster] hahah
[wtfoo] lol
[@raster] also kill() has a few nasty consequences
[onefang] lol
[wtfoo] ^^
[@raster] like being sent toa chroot jail
[@raster] :)

Sunday, February 26

I'm not a ricer anymore. I got stoned and decided to download/install Mandriva 2006, the free version. So far, so good. I'm liking it. I don't have to configure *everything* by hand, unless i want to. So i'm going to try and stick with this for a while.

On a related note, my new video card will be here tomorrow or tuesday, nvidia geforce 6200, a huge improvement over my radeon 9000 :)

uuum... oh i am finalizing work on the ninjapirate e17 theme, and i am tired. sleep now, byebye.

Friday, February 10

RAYRAY is Rice

ok ok. so all the hype about optimizing gentoo, is, for the most part bs. but with a ridiculous set of CFLAGS and a couple LDFLAGS, followed by a complete system rebuild, my pc is significantly faster.

tehrayray@euclid cat /etc/make.conf
#This is rayray's super excessive make.conf!

CFLAGS="-march=athlon-xp -mmmx -m3dnow -pipe -mtune=athlon-xp -O2 -mfpmath=387 -mpreferred-stack-boundary=4 -maccumulate-outgoing-args -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insns2 -funroll-loops -falign-functions=64 -falign-loops=64 -falign-labels=64 -falign-jumps=64 -fmove-all-movables -foptimize-sibling-calls -ftracer -fmerge-all-constants -mfpmath=sse -maccumulate-outgoing-args -fforce-addr -frename-registers -fweb"
LDFLAGS="-z combreloc,-Wl,-O1,--sort-common"
USE="-gnome -kde 3dnow mmx sse bash-completion -arts svg unicode offensive nsplugin gnutls 3dnowext aalib dvd dvdread fbcon matroska mmxext v4l v4l2 xvid win32codecs bitmap-fonts truetype-fonts type1-fonts visualization apache2 mpm-worker mysql css dvdr flac hal sndfile vcd java tiff ffmpeg extrafilters"

so fuck it. i'm a ricer :D

Sunday, January 29

It had never occured to me what an absurd combination wasabi and ham was, until JoelTehTroll pointed it out to me. Honest O.O

[@kingrayray] it is a sandwich of the gods
[+JoelTehTroll] No way man.
[+JoelTehTroll] I've had better sandwiches.
[@kingrayray] probably
[@kingrayray] but pot makes anything you're eating the greatest food ever.
[@kingrayray] there's wasabi on my sandwich
[@kingrayray] and ham.
[@kingrayray] and cheese and lettuce.
[+JoelTehTroll] what the fuck is the matter with you?
[+JoelTehTroll] Wasabi and ham?

Thursday, January 26

Ray Miller: I just figured out a way to fuck with people
Ray Miller: invent a sedative
Ray Miller: with amphetamines
Rich: rotf
Ray Miller: so you go zzzz....AAAAAAHFUCKFUCKFUCK....zzzz
Rich: sleep talking is guarenteed
Ray Miller: yeah dude
Rich: lay there passed out hard
Rich: aksudhfas udfbsdfuhbs dvi sbdvl\ijbdsvlsidbv sdv
Ray Miller: snap the fuck awake
Ray Miller: roundhouse kick someone
Ray Miller: pass out
Rich: rotf
Today was quite possibly the most boring day ever, up until this evening. (except I talked to chelsea all day, which made everything ok. :D)

I spent at least four hours reading quotes at bash.org. While hilarious for the most part, it does not exactly make for an interesting, and fulfilling day.

BUT. Around 8pm, I ended up with a copy of Crossover Office 5.0 (Commercial WINE distribution) and a copy of Photoshop 7.0. And guess what? Photoshop runs great! :) AND. I finally saw Revolution OS a great documentary about the history of Open Source and Linux. And now I'm uh.. talking on IRC. Here's an excerpt from tonight's discussion in #ninjapirate: (excerpt == HUGE clip. enjoy!)

<+twisted`> I totally picture myself
<+twisted`> in this big mansion
<+twisted`> and this big ass jacuzi
<+twisted`> and shitloads of pr0n stars
<+twisted`> and got like LCD screens and keyboards that are waterproof next to it
<+twisted`> and IRC everywhere
<+twisted`> w00t

Wednesday, January 25

<+htedrom> have you guys seen the unreal 2007 screenshots from e3
<@raster> nuop
<+Inc> nope
<@raster> do they include scantily clad boothbabes?
<+htedrom> they make me want to deficate in my own mouth and fuck my eye out.
<+htedrom> words can't describe
<+boneyfrog> well mail sent asking permision of the darkcurve gtk theme author asking to distribute my patches inside the next blue eyed theme
<@kingrayray> cool dude
<+boneyfrog> and that is the one and only time i dick with gtkrc files like that
<@kingrayray> lmao
<+boneyfrog> was like playing a twitch game were you don't know what the hell your doing and every time you guess wrong you get a low voltage shock across the genitalia
<@kingrayray> HAHA

Thursday, January 19

Where's Devilhorns when ya need him? :P

I can't fucking theme anymore today. I just spent around two hours trying to get the config panel fully themed, and as far as i can tell, it *is*. but it's just not showing up.

fuck that shit :D
Sometimes a mild case of sleep deprivation, with a smooth layer of marijuana resin over it makes me want to write.

I've been up all night. Mostly trying to get SuSE Linux to install on my mac, with no luck. Every disc I burn doesn't validate when i verify the checksum, so I'm thinking i downloaded a bad ISO.

But that's not a huge deal, I couldn't find a PPC version of SuSE on DVD anyway. Burning 5 CDs, when I have a DVD burner seems kinda pointless.

However, I found a Fedora Core 5 Test 2 PPC DVD ISO, so I'm downloading that, hopefully it'll work out better, eh?

That download will take most of the morning and afternoon, so I need to find something else to occupy me. Nobody's really online, so I wandered around the house a couple times taking pictures. Here's a couple links.

I don't remember why my leg was bleeding..
Around 5:30am I made breakfast.
And around 6:30 I decided to shower

Andddd..... that's it. :)

Monday, January 16

Ah this client is really useful. I can just quickly paste random little shit!

Rich: you know what blows my mind
Rich: completely
Ray Miller: logorrhea
Rich: rotf
Ray Miller: I love that word
Ray Miller: cause it means exactly what it sounds like
Ray Miller: verbal diarrhea, talking too fuckin much about shit nobody cares about
Rich: haha yeah
Ray Miller: lol, ok your turn
Rich: lol
Rich: the sheer scale of things that don't exist
Rich: like if you take language as an example
Rich: the number of words that exist are fuckin astronomical
Rich: but if you sit there typing randomly all day the number of actual words you spit out is gonna be like 5 - 10% if that
Ray Miller: and if you consider how little ground our language covers, in comparison to all that there must be out there
Ray Miller: universally
Rich: yeah
Rich: like all language all put together
Ray Miller: it's like dude language is fucking inefficient as hell
Rich: that's so much shit
Ray Miller: rofl
Rich: yeah exactly my point
Ray Miller: all this shit to say so little
Rich: and if you sit there going asodg hapiugb adijfvbaeijfbg liahbvih dbvilzdvakljsdhv oaushdbvluisdvailsd vias dv asi dvsa dviasbdvoia sdvi sid v
Rich: it's unlikely you'll ever form a sentence
Ray Miller: yeah
Rich: so it's like wtf existence is just nothin
Rich: like if you look at how much space is taken up by matter
Rich: and how much isn't
Rich: it's obvious which side is more important
Ray Miller: for sure
Ray Miller: rofl
Rich: rotf
Rich: = mind blowing
***Ray Miller nods
Rich: lol
Just a little test post from an app I just installed. Seems to work pretty well. :) If I get used to this app, expect more frequent updates, since blogging is easier this way. :)


The last few days have been so interesting that I haven't really had a chance to blog about them yet!

Friday night, there was a party at Dane's for Caleb, and I guess a couple other people too. Happy birthday!

I went with Chelsea and Susan, and it was pretty fun. Intoxicating substances, and plenty of intoxicated people to converse with. Further note, dont' drink everclear. You can't mix it with anything. It's unreasonably strong, you just can't drink it. However, rum and coke you can have. Have all you want. My favorite mixed drink. <3

Juippis: kingrayray: shit! This ninja-theme si awesome!
Juippis: and fast
Juippis: fast as a ninja

Thursday, January 12

It'd be better

fuzzy woodland creature: I want to see a XNU/GNU system
fuzzy woodland creature: that would be fucking badass
_king.rayray();: rofl
_king.rayray();: what the hell is xnu
fuzzy woodland creature: OSX's kernel
_king.rayray();: oh
_king.rayray();: for sure
fuzzy woodland creature: think about it though
_king.rayray();: darwin's OSS isn't it?
fuzzy woodland creature: you could build full drivers
fuzzy woodland creature: yeah darwin's OSS, XNU's OSS
_king.rayray();: just use mac drivers...?
fuzzy woodland creature: opendarwin.org
_king.rayray();: yeah
fuzzy woodland creature: well
fuzzy woodland creature: mac drivers probably won't support anything other than mac hardware lmfao
_king.rayray();: well I mean
fuzzy woodland creature: it seems like a neat kernel though
fuzzy woodland creature: it's built on mach
fuzzy woodland creature: so it's a microkernel with a freebsd layer
_king.rayray();: dude you know what would be better
fuzzy woodland creature: if hurd didn't suck?
fuzzy woodland creature: yeah
_king.rayray();: having your own mech
fuzzy woodland creature: that'd rock more
fuzzy woodland creature: lol
fuzzy woodland creature: like, huge robot?
_king.rayray();: yeah
_king.rayray();: madcat mkII
fuzzy woodland creature: you are so stoned
_king.rayray();: mechwarrior
_king.rayray();: I'd be like fuck computers I have a mech

Wednesday, January 11

A bit of philosophy

Not much to post about today, a bit too stoned to really construct anything interesting. However I have a fantastic quote!

Rich: so i now have an updated philosophy on getting cut
Rich: if it's not life threatening, fuck it

02:47 <@kingrayray> i'm gonna go to bed now
02:48 <@kingrayray> weed's got me sleepy
02:48 <@kingrayray> devilhorns: night dude
02:48 <@kingrayray> twisted`: cya buddy
02:48 <@kingrayray> $EVERYBODY peeeace out
02:48 <@devilhorns> night kingrayray

( and don't worry, my pc's keeping busy )

Tuesday, January 10

A typical day in the life of Rayray

... but also potentially the most boring day possible. ;)

Got up around 11:30am.. sleeping in too much due to sleeping pills. Spent the next hour reading email, checking news, smoking cigarettes, and drinking coffee. Around 12:30-1:00 the guys in #ninjapirate start bugging me to work on my latest theme some more, so I do. After spending nearly 7 hours tinkering with images and Edje code, I save my work, compile, test, and distribute. Lots of work got done today, as far as the user is concerned, everything is themed, so I am satisfied. I spend the rest of the day chatting and making a few touchups to my theme.

Around 7 or 8, Nathan came over to hang out for a bit. He left to catch the bus around 8:30, but he missed it. So he is staying the night. For the next few hours I just fucked around and talked to Nathan, blah blah. Around 10, I decided it was time to take a couple Tylenol PM, to get to sleep. I took six, generally a normal dose for me, but today it was too much. I spent 10:30-1:30 tripping out slightly, unable to sleep. Nothing too unusual.

Nathan and I discussed moving in together, with Chris and maybe Willy. Assuming we all had jobs, we could easily rent a 3-4 bedroom house, with plentyof cash left for bills and all that. Good stuff. I'm going to go apply for some jobs on Wednesday.

And here I sit, 3:15am and trying to get tired.. no luck so far though. But I did make this: A ninjapirate!

Sunday, January 8

Chill out!

This post is for all you people who completely lose your grip on reality when I am gone for a couple days. :P


So calm down. If you really get so worried about me, send me an email! :P

I spent the weekend laying on Willy's floor stoned. Good shit. By the way, if you ever have the chance, get really stoned and watch the movie "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter". While completely retarded and poorly edited/filmed, it's perhaps one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

Also, I was witness to the funniest method of waking someone up. Nathan, as usual, passed out very quickly. We had to do something about it. We started by taking some gloves, and repeatedly challenging Nathan to a duel, by slapping him. This went on for about 10 minutes, but he didn't move. Willy took the initiative here, and immediately put on a Spider Man mask, and Nathan's absurdly large jacket. Chris and I were laughing too hard to breathe, due to the absurdity of the situation. But we had no idea what was coming next. Willy told me to grab the amplifier, and suddenly it all came together.


After a few minutes of preparation, Spider-Man started to jam, with the amplifier right next to Nathan. It took him a few moments, but eventually Nathan got up, and normality returned.

The end.

Friday, January 6


Chris Tabor: too bad weed dont grow on trees
Ray Miller: I'd never be sober again
Chris Tabor: lmfao
Ray Miller: I'd go live in the forest
Ray Miller: get baked constantly
Ray Miller: and hunt squirrels hxc
Ray Miller: cause of munchies
Chris Tabor: lmao
Chris Tabor: you'd eat squirrels eh
Ray Miller: id have like
Ray Miller: weed psychosis
Chris Tabor: LOL
Ray Miller: anything would look like potato chips
Chris Tabor: lmfoa
Chris Tabor: so u just start gnawing on squirrels
Ray Miller: yeah
Ray Miller: I'd keep them in a paper bag
Ray Miller: that would have RUFFLES written on it in sharpie