Friday, November 17


Good god, I must be bored. I just spent the better part of an hour going through every post in my blog and tagging each post as appropriate. This involves loading a week's worth of posts at a time, and opening the edit-pages for them in tabs, tagging each one, closing all the extra tabs, and loading the next week of posts. lather, rinse, repeat.

On another note, I thought i'd comment on the size of Fox Mulder's balls. I've had many-a discussion about this topic, and most people seem to agree. Fox Mulder has bigger balls than anybody on earth. Even Maddox. (oh I went there.) He's not afraid of ANYTHING. Who do you know that is capable of just walking into any situation headfirst, showing little to no signs of fear? Not even a second-guess!

Hahaha. Mulder pwns.

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digital said...

It is irrefutable by anyone of even menial intelligence that Fox Mulder's balls are by far the largest.