Saturday, June 18

Long time no see, space cadet.

Long tie no see. Been fairly busy, not much time (or motivation) to update this.

Lots of new stuff. I wrote three shell scripts, all for E17. They all retrieve, compile, and install the software associated with them. I made one for the core EFL, one for the main E17 apps (the ones I like, at least) and one to get a few of the neat stuff that's in misc. (Engage!!)

If you want them, drop me a line. send an email to
They really do save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run, and all you have to do is change the directory they work in. One note, they should be executed as root, because they need to do make isntall.

What else? Oh, I spent a couple hours the other day trying to learn some very basic C. Needless to say, I failed for the most part. But I got brave, and edited E17's snow module. I replaced the snowflakes with raindrops, and changed the fall-speed from 30 (i think it was 30...) to 1000. It was like having a rainstorm on your desktop. It was a terrible hack, and no longer exists, but I did manage to get a screenshot. Take a look. Click the thumb for the full resolution version.


I also modified the Slate-E17 theme a bit, and it is in use in the previous screenshot. But without animation, the only noticable difference is my version being darker. The actual changes are things like having window-titles and menu selections shine RED instead of WHITE. It looks pretty cool.

Aside from that, I've just been doin my geek thang. :P

And you're up to date! yay!