Thursday, January 26

Ray Miller: I just figured out a way to fuck with people
Ray Miller: invent a sedative
Ray Miller: with amphetamines
Rich: rotf
Ray Miller: so you go zzzz....AAAAAAHFUCKFUCKFUCK....zzzz
Rich: sleep talking is guarenteed
Ray Miller: yeah dude
Rich: lay there passed out hard
Rich: aksudhfas udfbsdfuhbs dvi sbdvl\ijbdsvlsidbv sdv
Ray Miller: snap the fuck awake
Ray Miller: roundhouse kick someone
Ray Miller: pass out
Rich: rotf
Today was quite possibly the most boring day ever, up until this evening. (except I talked to chelsea all day, which made everything ok. :D)

I spent at least four hours reading quotes at While hilarious for the most part, it does not exactly make for an interesting, and fulfilling day.

BUT. Around 8pm, I ended up with a copy of Crossover Office 5.0 (Commercial WINE distribution) and a copy of Photoshop 7.0. And guess what? Photoshop runs great! :) AND. I finally saw Revolution OS a great documentary about the history of Open Source and Linux. And now I'm uh.. talking on IRC. Here's an excerpt from tonight's discussion in #ninjapirate: (excerpt == HUGE clip. enjoy!)

<+twisted`> I totally picture myself
<+twisted`> in this big mansion
<+twisted`> and this big ass jacuzi
<+twisted`> and shitloads of pr0n stars
<+twisted`> and got like LCD screens and keyboards that are waterproof next to it
<+twisted`> and IRC everywhere
<+twisted`> w00t

Wednesday, January 25

<+htedrom> have you guys seen the unreal 2007 screenshots from e3
<@raster> nuop
<+Inc> nope
<@raster> do they include scantily clad boothbabes?
<+htedrom> they make me want to deficate in my own mouth and fuck my eye out.
<+htedrom> words can't describe
<+boneyfrog> well mail sent asking permision of the darkcurve gtk theme author asking to distribute my patches inside the next blue eyed theme
<@kingrayray> cool dude
<+boneyfrog> and that is the one and only time i dick with gtkrc files like that
<@kingrayray> lmao
<+boneyfrog> was like playing a twitch game were you don't know what the hell your doing and every time you guess wrong you get a low voltage shock across the genitalia
<@kingrayray> HAHA