Monday, July 18

I love it.


E17, i love you

Every time I update E17, there's something new. Something neat. Today, that something was the weather module. Just run enlightenment_remote -module-load weather. Then enable it via the menu, and it comes up. Pretty, right? Right click it, edit the URL. "WTF? URL?" You say? If you're in the US, just put in[zipcode]
Where [zipcode] is your zipcode, obviously. Mine is 98034. Kirkland, WA :)

And voila! I encourage all E17 users who give a damn to upgrade now :)

And that's that. I'm off to play Enemy Territory.

omg lol e17 owned

i've been working on a new e17 theme, but that info is over at

that's it. go there, look at it. download it.