Saturday, July 8

ninjapirates unite

[12:20] [twisted`] I devoted my life being a ninjapirate

[12:20] [twisted`] ohyeah

[12:20] [twisted`] this local group sprayed my scouting building

[12:20] [twisted`] I wanted to take revenge

[12:21] [religion] have fun

[12:21] * twisted` calls upon kingrayray ritalin devilhorns surtsey JoelTehTroll

[12:21] [twisted`] ninjapirates unite!

[12:21] [twisted`] none for none and all for none!

[12:21] [religion] k

[12:22] * twisted` busts out teh black suit

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] wtf...

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] okay, one condition.

[12:23] [twisted`] yeah

[12:23] [twisted`] they'll be shocked man

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] my spandex suit /must/ have rhinestones.

[12:23] [twisted`] big fuckin geeks

[12:23] [twisted`] flyin round like ninja's

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] and shooting lasers.

[12:23] [twisted`] rhinestones? wtf is that

[12:23] [religion]

[12:24] [twisted`]

[12:24] [twisted`] ?

[12:25] [JoelTehTroll] uh... no

[12:25] [twisted`] that's what it found

[12:25] [twisted`] second hit

[12:25] [twisted`] :)

[12:27] [JoelTehTroll] it's like those jewels that are sometimes embedded into clothing

[12:27] [JoelTehTroll]

[12:28] [JoelTehTroll] like on that shirt

[12:30] [JoelTehTroll] so I want my spandex ninjapirate uniform to be covered in colorful rhinestones

[12:30] [religion] cool

[12:31] [JoelTehTroll] yeah man

[12:31] [JoelTehTroll] I have excelllent flair for fashion

[12:31] [twisted`] rofl

[12:32] [religion] i like poop

[12:32] [twisted`] and we'll play Tchaikovsky in the background

[12:32] [twisted`] like V for Vendetta

Thursday, July 6

eye are see

[04:03] [kingrayray] i have this "relaxation" mp3 that is like, rainforest sounds
[04:03] [kingrayray] animals and shit
[04:03] [kingrayray] but like, if i was in the rainforest
[04:03] [kingrayray] i couldn't relax
[04:03] [kingrayray] something would eat me

killing time, can't sleep yet. i did find another "relaxation" mp3 that is more calming, ocean sounds and those weird drums that jamaican people play. or something. i've got my GNOME setup in Ubuntu all pretty though. screenshot is here.

on an even nerdier note, i've been finding myself quite prosperous on EVE. i went off and joined an antipirate corp and have been learning the ins and outs of PVP combat, and taken down quite a few pirates while doing so. i've got a ton of screenshots from EVE that i update pretty much daily, feel free to check it out.

ohhh. i got a job too. i work at domino's pizza! WOO! hahaha. now i have to learn how to toss a pizza crust and shit apparently. bleh. work in 11 hours, 47 minutes. going to try and sleep now.