Saturday, July 8

ninjapirates unite

[12:20] [twisted`] I devoted my life being a ninjapirate

[12:20] [twisted`] ohyeah

[12:20] [twisted`] this local group sprayed my scouting building

[12:20] [twisted`] I wanted to take revenge

[12:21] [religion] have fun

[12:21] * twisted` calls upon kingrayray ritalin devilhorns surtsey JoelTehTroll

[12:21] [twisted`] ninjapirates unite!

[12:21] [twisted`] none for none and all for none!

[12:21] [religion] k

[12:22] * twisted` busts out teh black suit

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] wtf...

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] okay, one condition.

[12:23] [twisted`] yeah

[12:23] [twisted`] they'll be shocked man

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] my spandex suit /must/ have rhinestones.

[12:23] [twisted`] big fuckin geeks

[12:23] [twisted`] flyin round like ninja's

[12:23] [JoelTehTroll] and shooting lasers.

[12:23] [twisted`] rhinestones? wtf is that

[12:23] [religion]

[12:24] [twisted`]

[12:24] [twisted`] ?

[12:25] [JoelTehTroll] uh... no

[12:25] [twisted`] that's what it found

[12:25] [twisted`] second hit

[12:25] [twisted`] :)

[12:27] [JoelTehTroll] it's like those jewels that are sometimes embedded into clothing

[12:27] [JoelTehTroll]

[12:28] [JoelTehTroll] like on that shirt

[12:30] [JoelTehTroll] so I want my spandex ninjapirate uniform to be covered in colorful rhinestones

[12:30] [religion] cool

[12:31] [JoelTehTroll] yeah man

[12:31] [JoelTehTroll] I have excelllent flair for fashion

[12:31] [twisted`] rofl

[12:32] [religion] i like poop

[12:32] [twisted`] and we'll play Tchaikovsky in the background

[12:32] [twisted`] like V for Vendetta

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