Monday, May 8

ooooh dear

today was quiet, and mostly uneventful. more of a "w00t" than a "dam" though.

i recently broke my chair. my super awesome rocking leather chair with a high back, a swivel, and wheels. it broke. because the back of the chair is supported by the arms, i had to remove everything but the seat part. the good news is, it looks like if i use enough duct tape, it'll be fine. :)

on another note, i finally updated E17, and although the new shelf is really cool, i have for-sure decided to not really use it until it nears release. for a few reasons, mainly that i hate the default theme. i /could/ make another theme, but that is more work than i care to do. I can just use gnome, it is already pretty, and plenty functional.

i really need to come up with a rather extensive rant about something i dislike. i'm thinking... distro-wars perhaps, comments welcome.

the most common inspiration to write in this is when i am performing a lengthy compile and have nothing else to do. aim's kinda dead, and i'm tiiiired. should sleep, really want to, probably won't for a while.

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