Monday, August 7

enlightenment, and no i'm not talking about the window manager

i've been quite a mess lately. for the last week or two, i've been completely focused on somehow running away from here. from kirkland, from washington entirely. i'd intended to somehow make it work with no money, i didn't care.

but last night someone awfully special helped me to realize that sometimes, you have to put your personal issues aside, especially when your future is at stake.

i just thought i'd put up a nice public thank you. you know who you are, and i love you :-)

i'm not going to go look for work, not now at least. I've been up all night taking practice tests, and studying for my GED. I really want to try and take it within the next two weeks, but that is kind've an unreasonable timeframe. but i plan on spending a large majority of my awake-time studying, practicing, and refreshing my memory of all the things i learned back in school. i think if i pull this off, i can do anything, it just takes a little motivation. and what better way to motivate, than to accomplish your primary goal of the last several years?

I think I've found myself, and now I'm going to open the door to my future. :-)

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