Friday, January 6


Chris Tabor: too bad weed dont grow on trees
Ray Miller: I'd never be sober again
Chris Tabor: lmfao
Ray Miller: I'd go live in the forest
Ray Miller: get baked constantly
Ray Miller: and hunt squirrels hxc
Ray Miller: cause of munchies
Chris Tabor: lmao
Chris Tabor: you'd eat squirrels eh
Ray Miller: id have like
Ray Miller: weed psychosis
Chris Tabor: LOL
Ray Miller: anything would look like potato chips
Chris Tabor: lmfoa
Chris Tabor: so u just start gnawing on squirrels
Ray Miller: yeah
Ray Miller: I'd keep them in a paper bag
Ray Miller: that would have RUFFLES written on it in sharpie

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chelzpr0n said...

you are a silly bitch.