Monday, January 16

Ah this client is really useful. I can just quickly paste random little shit!

Rich: you know what blows my mind
Rich: completely
Ray Miller: logorrhea
Rich: rotf
Ray Miller: I love that word
Ray Miller: cause it means exactly what it sounds like
Ray Miller: verbal diarrhea, talking too fuckin much about shit nobody cares about
Rich: haha yeah
Ray Miller: lol, ok your turn
Rich: lol
Rich: the sheer scale of things that don't exist
Rich: like if you take language as an example
Rich: the number of words that exist are fuckin astronomical
Rich: but if you sit there typing randomly all day the number of actual words you spit out is gonna be like 5 - 10% if that
Ray Miller: and if you consider how little ground our language covers, in comparison to all that there must be out there
Ray Miller: universally
Rich: yeah
Rich: like all language all put together
Ray Miller: it's like dude language is fucking inefficient as hell
Rich: that's so much shit
Ray Miller: rofl
Rich: yeah exactly my point
Ray Miller: all this shit to say so little
Rich: and if you sit there going asodg hapiugb adijfvbaeijfbg liahbvih dbvilzdvakljsdhv oaushdbvluisdvailsd vias dv asi dvsa dviasbdvoia sdvi sid v
Rich: it's unlikely you'll ever form a sentence
Ray Miller: yeah
Rich: so it's like wtf existence is just nothin
Rich: like if you look at how much space is taken up by matter
Rich: and how much isn't
Rich: it's obvious which side is more important
Ray Miller: for sure
Ray Miller: rofl
Rich: rotf
Rich: = mind blowing
***Ray Miller nods
Rich: lol

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