Saturday, June 16

lol :)

[17:08] rayray: OMG i love hilarious spam email
[17:09] Sammi: oooo did you find a funny one?
[17:09] rayray: Blister on your dick after different enlarging procedures might be possible, but Penis Enlarge Patch is a vague exception. Penis Enlarge Patch you can scratch your ankles with your penis.
[17:09] rayray: lmfao
[17:09] Sammi: LOL
[17:09] Sammi: omg
[17:09] Sammi: why would you want to scratch your ankle with your penis?!
[17:09] Sammi: what would be wrong with your hand?
[17:09] rayray: maybe you are a juggler and your hands are busy
[17:09] Sammi: why not use your toes?
[17:10] rayray: i'd probably off myself if i was capable of such a feat
[17:10] rayray: cuz you will NEVER GET LAID if you can KILL SOMEONE with your penis[17:10] rayray: "oops!"
[17:10] Sammi: i know seriously!
[17:11] rayray: like seriously you could use it to tarzan around the jungle and that's just inhuman
[17:13] rayray: wow that was quite the uh
[17:13] rayray: way i phrased that huh
[17:15] Sammi: very visual...very visual
[17:15] rayray: yeah
[17:15] rayray: i'll never shake that one
[17:15] rayray: lol
[17:15] Sammi: lol we will think of it for years to come and be afraid...very very afraid
[17:16] rayray: we will shelter ourselves in fear of the elusive tarzan wang
[17:16] rayray: i'm just gonna stop now lol

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