Tuesday, June 7

Status update: euclid

My computer is really badass, I'd like to point that out first. Topping out at a whopping (ha) 1.54ghz, with a massive 256mb of ram.

Anyway, after getting over the loss of my old PC to a Windows zealot, I have decided that I no longer need to reserve the name "euclid" for that pc, and have in turn, changed my system's hostname from overlord, to euclid.

To continue, I've been using Gnome 2.10 for a few days out of boredom, and while it's certainly pretty nice, apparently the only way to edit the apps menu is with a 3rd party menu editor, that I can't even get to work. Go figure. I don't even know why I bothered using Gnome, to be honest. Seriously. I have Enlightenment DR 0.17! What the hell was I thinking?

So back to E17 it is. I've been keeping it updated during my Gnome usage, despite not using E17. So minutes ago, I finally went back to E17, and decided that the next feature I needed was a "run application" function, so I don't have to whip out a terminal every time I want to run an app that I don't have an .eapp for. Right before I went to make the suggestion in #e, I left-clicked my desktop, to bring up the menu- only to find.. what's this? They beat me to it! There's a run command function now. Yay for the E17 devs!

Next on my agenda? I need to find some ridiculous set of icons to make .eapps for! I already did it with Umicons2 (found it on DeviantART). I don't have permission to distribute them though, maybe I'll ask the author sometime.

If anybody knows of any huge packs of icons (free!!) that I can tinker with, leave a comment! :)

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