Sunday, August 28


I haven't updated anything significant in a long time, figured I'd attempt to recap all of the nothing that has happened recently.

The lack of updates was due to me formatting my pc. If there's no blogger shortcut on my firefox shortcut bar, I never remember to update. The button is back now, so hopefully I'll update more.

I haven't done anything worthwhile, however. Until today, I suppose. Applied for a couple jobs, one being at Blockbuster. They seem pretty desperate for new employees, so my hopes are kinda high.

Uuum. As you see on the previous post, bluedefault 0.5 is out, i encourage everybody who wants a working clock to grab it.

On an unrelated subject, the "new" Mountain Dew Pitch Black II (Yes, apparently soda can have sequels), is just plain whack. It's last years grape crap, except now it's sour. WTF?

And I'd also like to add that Neverwinter Nights is fucking addictive as hell. Great game.

Um. That's all. Bye!

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