Thursday, July 7

WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING!?!?! .. only a professional could respond to such a query. Luckily, I'm the right man for the job. *Cracks knuckles* The name's Ray. But that's King Rayray to you.

er.. yeah, had some fun last night. went on an adventure with Chelsea and Nathan, got stuck at an undisclosed location, and AAA was required to breathe life back into the vehicle. We got a jump, and promptly went to Denny's for food and coffee. Nathan is insane, by the way.

Oh, and before I forget, Chelz is awesome. And she didn't tell me to say it, I swear!

As for now, I just recompiled E17, not a whole lot new today.. but there's a new .eap theme out, called CrystalClear. Very sexy. Has the Mac appeal, without the element of gay.

And to finish off the geekiness of my morning, I just compiled Evidence. The Enlightened file manager. Compliments E17 very nicely. Of course, I had to make sure to grab the Gant theme for it from Get-E I'll be sure to post up a new screenshot soon, clouds are pretty.

And now I glance at the clock, only to find that it's 6:00am. How the fuck did it get to be 6? Oh well.


Rylan said...

King Ray Ray I miss you!

Anonymous said...

i hope you arent implying that macs are gay.

cuz they rock.

..spuhkewzi.. said...

ray, chelz may be awesome (or so you say..) but i'm sectzi. right? RIGHT? just tell me so i don't want to cry. and uh, in response to the anon poster, who i think may be a recent mac owner that i once knew: until a month ago, macs were gay. x86 pwns ppc. now that mac is switching to x86, they aren't that bad. and uh, my 2ghz x86 can run linux _and_ osx (meaning my cpu must emulate ppc instructions) at nearly native speed.

..spuhkewzi.. said...

oh, and ray, i'm not all that impressed with evidence. it's way too buggy at the moment for me. sadly enough, i actually like nautilus as a file manager. if it tried to be just that, it wouldn't be bad. however, wtf are you doing using a file manager? bash is the only file manager you should need :P. maybe midnight commander if you're too lazy to learn bash shit. either way, ncurses > x gui tookkits.